Before leaving Thief River Falls, Minnesota I had lived in 4 houses and attended two grade schools. We moved to Plainview, then Biwabik and I graduated HS 1970 in Inver Grove Hts all in Minnesota. I joined the US Navy and spent time in Orlando, Great Lakes, IL, San Diego, Bremerton, WA, Portland, OR, Mare Island, Vallejo, CA, Idaho Falls, ID before moving to Connecticut 1975. I lived in Baltic, Norwich, and Groton and Rota Spain. Half the time I was under water. 1981-1983 I enjoyed being a Navy Recruiter in Minneapolis, MN living in S. St Paul. The Navy moved me back to CT and I lived in Gales Ferry, Westport, New Haven and New Milford. Again I spent time underwater out of Holy Loch, Scotland. 1988 I moved back to Thief River Falls, MN, then St Cloud, Inver Grove Hts, Minnetonka, Savage, S St Paul, Eden Prairie and Hopkins. 2001 I moved to Berkeley, CA and a year later to San Ramon, CA. 2003 I moved to Medellin, Colombia. I finally found what I was looking for!

My first marketing and sales experience was as a Boy Scout. My goal was to touch every house in town with the annual Christmas wreath offer. I sold a lot of wreaths and garlands. Before there was an internet, I mastered selling a product to a select group who were able and qualified to buy. Most of my peers at the time attempted to sell to anyone who would listen. The difficult part was the sorting process. Once someone met the requirements and sat down with me, 90% took the offer.

Being an internet marketing expert is one part research and ten parts action. Reading the encyclopedia on bicycle riding, finding the best bicycle coach and mentor while purchasing the most advanced high-speed bicycle in the world, will not have you riding the bicycle. What you need to ride the bicycle is to put yourself on the bicycle and fall off enough times to find your sense of balance. Experience failure often enough and you will succeed. Do not short change yourself by quitting one-step away from success. .. ..


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