Discovering Food Rejectivity – Step One

Whatever you are eating, regardless if you believe it is healthy, your body may reject it for many reasons.  How would you know?  There are no accidents. Disease does not occur randomly.  Paying attention to our body’s language is not part of any conversation I heard growing up or in school.  You cannot take care of something you pay no attention to, are unaware of, or notice its response to what you do.  If you believe that nutritious food can’t hurt you, guess again.

What we have been exposed to the last forty odd years is salt is bad, sugar is bad, carbohydrates are bad, cholesterol is bad, calories are bad and fat is bad.  Anything anyone did before the 20th century, before cancer, heart disease were common is bad!  Raw milk is horrible! Actually dairy products are all bad and red meat as well.   Rabbit food, soy-burgers, tofu, margarine, corn oil, canola, fake eggs and everything LOWFAT is supposed to be good for you!

Well, I cannot speak for anyone else but I discovered my body hates all the so-called good stuff and loves most of the so-called bad stuff.  Before looking at what to do to identify foods your body doesn’t like there is more information to digest first.

Advertising, our peers and customs influence our eating habits.  There are 1000’s of foods available, natural and grown in the world.  Most of eat how many? Ten?… twenty… not many eat thirty different natural foods in a month!  We are prone to habits.   Advertising promotes ‘fast foods’ while celery sticks, carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes and a dozen others if you wander through the produce section of your local grocer with an open mind are much quicker to prepare and easier on your body.  Some people’s body rejects some of these vegetables too.

Our never slow down lifestyles affects how our bodies digest food.  Easier digestion and better assimilation occurs in a relaxed, at ease body.  How we feel about the people we are with, how we feel about our work, our day, how we feel about ourselves affects how we digest the food.  What we think of the food we are eating and the speed we eat it affects the body’s interaction with the food we are eating.  Taking some time to relax first, taking a moment to be thankful for the people and the food increases our body’s ability to assimilate what we eat.

The first step is starting an ongoing inventory.  For the next week, write down what you put into your mouth.  Don’t restrict yourself in any way.  Just keep track of what and when you eat.  The intention is to notice what kind of variety you eat, how much is processed fake food and to begin paying attention to what you eat.  For many people paying attention is a new experience.  Once you begin paying attention the insights begin to go off like heating popcorn.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, visit Dr Jeremy E. Kaslow’s site The site is filled with different ideas on eating and diet. There is no one size fits all.

If you are looking for detailed information on the mind body connection, NightengaleConent has information to please you for just $1.  Imagine eating what you want, exercising how you want and drinking water that supports you.  Most of what people believe is myth!


About Michael Eisbrener

When you get rid of your fear of failure, your tensions about succeeding... you can be yourself. Relaxed. You'll no longer be driving with your brakes on. ― Anthony de Mello Funny, but I often discover I have left the parking brake on as well. They say awareness, noticing is the first step... maybe the only one.
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