Are You a Food Addict Overfed and Starving to Death?


A long time ago now, I was on a very ‘healthy’ diet that did not include any animal protein and numerous food combinations to insure I was getting all the essential nutrients from my diet.  I was not taking any vitamins nor medications.   I was miserable, getting sicker by the day and I was told I was just detoxifying my body.   They had to know what they were talking about because they even wrote a book about the diet and it had ‘scientific’ backing.   I eventually got sick enough that I went to see a doctor who diagnosed me with a terminal illness.  Someone close to me gave me a book on food rejection, food allergies and eating in a way that my body responded to positively.

When we get upset, we tend to find fault with people around us or with ourselves but never consider that the food may have anything to do with it.  Being well trained in aggravation, agitation and annoyance it never occurred to me that the food I was eating might be part of the regimen.   Calculating, controlled and confrontational is just part of your nature!  NOT!! It may be the foods you are eating.

Eating many small meals a day is not a diet for humans.  The appendix has lost its function and eating fewer meals is how the body works best.  Most people, including me, have eaten until we are stuffed and yet still ‘feel’ hungry!  That is addiction!  If you are overweight, you are eating recreationally or out of a toxic addicted fog.  Hunger is not a ‘feeling’ in your stomach or a command from a little voice inside your head screaming ‘feed me!’   If you only eat when truly hungry, you will never be overweight.  The actual hunger experience occurs in your mouth, throat and neck.   When it occurs, you are ready for the pleasure of eating.   I thought that was bogus bunk when I first read it too.

How do you identify what your food addiction is?  The method I used began by drinking distilled water for 48 hours.  Some people actually believe that distilled water is bad for you.  If you have ever been on a cruise ship or lived aboard a US Navy vessel all you drink at sea is distilled water.  Once you try it, you may have trouble going back to the toxic slew coming out of your tap or buying expensive river water in a bottle.   The first time I drank distilled water for two days and nothing else it was the longest two days of my life.  That little voice [the one that just asked you what little voice?] was really upset and the morning of the second day my stomach was talking loudly as well.  Before the end of two days, I was feeling better than I had felt in months!

I had flushed my system of all the ‘healthy’ food I was eating and my body was finally getting a rest.   Before I began, I took a food inventory of all the foods I was eating.  One or more was the problem I was told.  I later discovered the foods I was rejecting matched the very foods on the “blood type” diet list I am supposed to avoid and eliminate.    You pick twelve foods to eat over your first three days after your pure water fast.  Four meals a day of a single food and if you pick twelve that the blood type diet recommends you eat you will be less likely to trigger a negative food response.  The blood type diet is not perfect either.  There are foods I eat without distress it claims I should avoid and there are foods I no longer eat that my blood type is supposed to allow me to eat.  The number is small in both categories and what I discovered doing the random trial method are most of the suggestions regarding foods to eliminate is highly accurate.  The ‘why’ is of no interest to me.    I am interested in being cool, calm and collected.  From that position, operating with certainty, conviction and contribution is a natural expression of being.

During the three days, you eat only four foods each day using only butter or water for cooking and sea salt if you like for seasoning.  You consume no other spices, medications, vitamins, packaged foods and especially nothing with sugar during the single food days.  Nothing but distilled water is what to drink.

The twelve foods I selected from a list were day one; eggs, zucchini, lettuce and sweet potatoes, day two; tofu, peanuts, chicken and potatoes, and day three; steak, celery, carrots and broccoli.

The goal is to maintain balance, homeostasis, harmony, resonance, congruence or your natural alignment.  All of those words point to a place food should leave you.  Any sign of distress, gas, emotional swings in either direction, issues with your body or body parts in the moments and first couple of hours after eating have one likely cause.  The single food you just ate!  The list of ‘things’ to look at is long but essentially if you feel great and ‘normal’ before eating and afterwards not so much that is a food to remove for now at least from your diet.

I selected the twelve foods because I liked all of them.  Had I known about blood type food restrictions Day 2 would have been a different list.  Day one was awesome. Perhaps because I was REALLY Hungry but the four foods left me feeling just as good after eating them as I had before.  I was looking forward to day two!

Day 2 was a bad day.  I later discovered my Mother is severely allergic to soy.  I have a similar body reaction and the tofu was nearly an instant negative whole body reaction.  I was in distress for hours after the first bite.  So this is what healthy food does to me!?  Peanuts triggered an ‘I cannot get enough to eat’ response and a sense of angst and upset that hung on the rest of the day.  I blamed the reaction I had on the first two as the cause for my upset with chicken and potatoes but testing since suggests those are two foods my body does not tolerate as well.  Day 3 was a carbon copy of day one!  The next two days I combined the foods that agreed with me, first two at time and then three to look for reactions.   Then I did another three days of four single foods a day.  Combination for two days and on until you run out of foods to test.   Once you discover balance, experience resonance it only takes a couple bites to know it is not something you should eat.

Here’s where I tell you how to find the complete details!!  I cannot.  You will have to do some research on your own.  Do a search at Amazon and your favorite search engine for food rejectivity, food elimination, and blood type diet.  Those are great places to begin.  I wish there was a specific formula to follow, an exact path everyone could take.  The good news is you are unique and you will have to find out which foods you should eliminate on your own. The standard talk with your doctor or health care practitioner applies.  I didn’t but you may need permission to do this. The system has taught you well if you do.

If you would like to discuss this in any way, please contact me and leave your comments below.


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When you get rid of your fear of failure, your tensions about succeeding... you can be yourself. Relaxed. You'll no longer be driving with your brakes on. ― Anthony de Mello Funny, but I often discover I have left the parking brake on as well. They say awareness, noticing is the first step... maybe the only one.
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