Blood Pressure thoughts…

Sometime in the last ten years, my blood pressure became an issue.  I first noticed a ringing in my ears, tinnitus, that I attributed to loud music and exposure to other loud noise.  The look on the nurses’ face as she took my blood pressure told me otherwise.  I took medication and changed my diet that first time.  I weaned myself off the medication and thought nothing of it for a few years.

The next time I spent an entire day in an emergency ward because they could not get my BP to come down.  The longer I was there the higher it got too.  Eventually the medication won out and I left.  That medication made me cough constantly and again I weaned myself off the medication.   I actively looked for something that worked and had no side effects.   I used it for the better part of the last year until diet changes, weight loss and other factors allowed me to stop taking it again.

Recently I experimented with my diet and modified the nutritionals I take.  The experiment indicated the need to take something, as my blood pressure was again too high.   Earlier this week I added a number of supplements that had an immediate but not permanent effect.  The blood pressure runs from good to high and the most significant reduction appears after a long walk up the mountain and back.

This morning I had a BP monitor and tracking device attached. Every fifteen minutes the cuff squeezes my arm, the device beeps happily to begin and end the sequence and I wonder what sleeping with the contraption will be like.  I am interested in seeing a graph of the day’s readings.  My desktop Omron monitor indicates it is higher than I prefer. Much higher than it was for the two months before my experiment and I have not found the one nutritional here I believe made the difference.   I will acquire it soon and then will discover if my theory is accurate or a pipe dream.  I wonder if I will be offered to take the same medication as before or something new.  This is another adventure.


About Michael Eisbrener

When you get rid of your fear of failure, your tensions about succeeding... you can be yourself. Relaxed. You'll no longer be driving with your brakes on. ― Anthony de Mello Funny, but I often discover I have left the parking brake on as well. They say awareness, noticing is the first step... maybe the only one.
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