Amega Wand – How it works

The wand is Amega and is called a self care tool and a beauty tool depending how and what you are using it for.   This ‘magic’ wand works and it does not cure or heal anyone.  Their body does that.

The Amega wand is manufactured by Amega Global using their proprietary Amized Fusion technology.  This technology, called Amega zero point energy, enhances the entire line of products.

Zero Point Energy:

So let’s take a brief look at what zero point energy is supposed to be.  Zero-point energy is from the area of energy that permeates the entire space to between all matter. Einstein discovered it in 1917 but thought it was a vacuum of empty space. Now scientists say, this zero point is not empty, but contains vibrant energy and Amega found ways to benefit their products.

We all have our own energy field, but over time, age and the environment take its toll and the bio energetic filed around the body weakens.  Amega products can help.

The Amega Wand:

The Amega Wand is a metal device that looks like a fountain pen without any opening.

It is used by stimulating in a circle around the area of pain on the body, or used widely throughout the body.  This is done for 5 to 10 minutes per ‘treatment’.  Testimonials grow in numbers by the day.  Amega is very careful and does not say that the treatment heals or cures but it is simply a catalyst that the cells of the body remember its state of homeostasis can heal and stop reporting its pain.

AMWand users report other benefits too:

•           Easy to use

•           It’s durable – no batteries needed

•           It’s water-proof

•           It energizes food and drinks as well as the body, and brings out the nutrients

•           Makes plants healthier

•           Engenders greater vitality

•           Neutralizes harmful waves and radiation in the environment

•           Energizes body creams and skin care

•           Stimulates bodily functions and strengthens immunity.

The list goes on.

In the end however all of this is theory, and Amega says their products cannot be explained, only experienced.  Begin a tour at and we can find a way for you to experience the AMWand for yourself.


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