Who are the Minimum Qualified Prospects?

“Qualified” prospects are going to be different for every opportunity. If your opportunity is called being a doctor or lawyer the path is long, treacherous and expensive.  Most people are not qualified to begin and most begin will not make it. If you’re looking to make it in the home business profession the path is no less difficult. It may even be worse because the belief anyone can do it misleads most people who should work at a burger joint first. Once upon a time there were entry level jobs like bagger and gas jockey but those days are long gone in most of the USA.

Minimum level qualifications are: you are willing to spend 15 hours a week doing what your business needs doing to be successful [Prospecting]. Learning how, studying how, and watching how others are doing it are not part of the 15 hours. This is a minimum one year commitment, 52 weeks before you give yourself permission to quit or move on [same difference].  The hard truth is it will take 3 to 5 years to get where you can relax a day or two. It takes at least that long before a McDonald’s franchise breaks even into monthly profit. A McDonald’s requires many more hours and a ton of cash to get started. The first year is nothing more than training and hard work. The freshman year of college is just learning the ropes and most people quit there too.

Time is the most difficult part because you are already using up all 24 hours of every day. If you are unwilling or unable [same difference] to set aside the minimum number of hours a week you cannot be successful.

Before you set aside the time something else is required. You must be looking for a way to have your dreams come true. If you have already quit, settled for what life gives you or have already put yourself on a path, you are not qualified because you are not looking. Some people who are looking are looking for a ‘job.’ In my world that disqualifies you and thank you for your time and you are off my list.

10,000 hours will be required to get to $100K/month income. The third requirement is your ability to fund the program. Expect to have your money back and be in profit inside of three months. Obviously there are many ways to fund a business and betting the rent money is not one of them. If you can comfortably have $2000 for your initial outlay your mind will not lead you astray day one. Your monthly is $300 to $500 from your second month on.  If you have a job now the home business will provide enough new exemptions to give you that income and more.

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About Michael Eisbrener

When you get rid of your fear of failure, your tensions about succeeding... you can be yourself. Relaxed. You'll no longer be driving with your brakes on. ― Anthony de Mello Funny, but I often discover I have left the parking brake on as well. They say awareness, noticing is the first step... maybe the only one.
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